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Alignment specs

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Anyone have the stock alignment specs? Just curious what the toe-in/out is supposed to be. I know perfectly straight is ok but shouldn't it have some toe out for high speed stability.
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You will not want toe out, toe out will make the vehicle really unstable at speed lots of left and right moments with terrain change. Keeping the allignment at 0 will give you really good highs peed cornering but still be a lil unstable. Toe in will give the vehicle a smoother steering feel as well as it will iliminate the unstable steering feel and track better down the trail. Rule of thumb is usually around 1/4 to 3/8 toe in . I like to set it at 1/4 with no weight I'm machine
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With a toe in set at a maximum of three eighths of an inch the only way to get it 100% correct is to use a tow bar
any previous machines I have run had toe out.
Toe in will make it push in the corners and feel mushy and less responsive.

Toe out will turn in quicker and be more responsive.

On the terrain we ride you don't have to worry about high speed stability. Response is what you want.
This toe out concept is new to me, I have always run toe in for stability...then again, I was never taught either, just kinda trial by fire here. I have the understanding that toe out will cause pretty gnarly bumpsteer too. How much toe out are you guys running?

Edit:I also have experienced a better return to center of the steering wheel with toe in..
Yamaha spec for toe in is 5-15 mm for the Wolverine. I have the manual the reason I bought it is I whacked a stump and through out my front end.
Polaris runs 1/8 to 1/4 toe out but I guess some of the others run a little toe in.

Most on road vehicles run toe in.

Lots of racers run toe out.

Just depends.

That 5-15mm for the Wolverine spec seems high on the 15 end. That is almost 6/10 of an inch but I am sure they have their reason for that. It will definitely reduce the onset of oversteer.
I've always aligned everything as close to dead straight as my eyeballs could tell. So this is saying I should plan for not being dead straight?
I like dead straight too. Less tire wear and better economy. If it handles to suit you that looks to me to be the best.
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I know with the eyeball, you most likely aren't going to get it perfect, but I always set bars/ steering wheel straight and got the front wheels straight off the rears.
My tracks call for slight tow out, but I set my alignment to even with my tires. Have for years.
Can the rear camber be adjusted on the X4?
There is no camber adjustment. It should have a slight negative camber.
If it is excessive then it is either your wheel bearings are needing replaced or your knuckle bushings are shot or both.
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