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686 mile report

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Doing some long remote rides. I take the little Suzuki in case something happens. Suspension is amazing for a crossover utility model. The suspension is about the same as my 2011 RZR 900 at speeds under 40. The storage is the best too. Engine and belt drive noise is low especially if you wear a helmet. Still waiting on my A-arm guards and skid plates so I drove my Honda Pioneer 500 on the 86 mile rock crawling ride today. I cruise at 35 to 40 with the Honda and 40 to 49 with the Wolverine. Above 50 is too dangerous on most of the fast sections.


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Good report Bob! I have to ask again about the skid plates. I know the Wolverine has them welded on. Is there some other place you are installing them? The Honda Pioneer 500 is cool! You seem to get a lot of use out of that. I am amazed that you got the bike strapped on the back. I know the P-500 has a small fuel tank so, am wondering how far you can go on a tank? I assume with the aftermarket wheels you are wider than 50"? What size and kind of tires are you running?
The Yamaha Aluminum skid plates attach to the welded in steel skid plate. Looks like Yamaha has special fasteners and it should prevent bending the steel skid plates. The Honda 500 is geared super low. Stock tires are 24 inch. On long fast rides I use 2 inch wheel spacers and 30 inch mongrels on bead lock wheels. Top speed goes from 38 to 46 and it pulls them ok up mild hills in 5th gear. I can't turn full lock but rarely need full lock. It is about 57 inches wide. 3.9 gallon tank goes about 90 miles. I use it mostly for the narrow 50 inch quad trails with 26 inch big horns.
cool! any idea on what your fuel milage has been?
I would like to know the range of a tank of gas as well, I'm sure it's around 150 miles.
It gets about 20 mph in the desert and maybe more hard pack. Not on reserve after 160 miles, should go about 190. I carry one gallon of gas just in case.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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