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Hey sorry to hear Yamaha are still supplying RMAX products with misaligned dump boxes see my post on rmax2 dump box misalignment it identifies the problem and that's where I ended as I had it back to my dealer who was excellent and referred my issue to Yamaha Canada. Yamaha Canada thanked me for bringing this to their attention and confirmed that it was in fact a problem with several RMAX2 1000 units they had available to measure the (welded fixed dump box hinge bracket) the brackets 2 are out of square and are causing the misalignment on my unit (exactly what I had told them) If you read my original post I have OEM Glass Rear Window and the box rubs on the plastic when closing and the gap is so close that I can't install the plastic shroud (Passenger Side).
So It wasn't long they reached out to myself and my dealer and said they have a fix They sent me a couple of different size bolts and 2 clip nuts ( They suggested that I take the lower brackets off rear of the roll cage that attaches to the back window plastics and turn it backwards as to what the instructions state and this would draw the back window in and allow the proper room for the door shroud to be mounted) Long story Short this did not work) So I opted not to keep the solid OEM glass doors.
I didn't go back to the dealer I just advised Yamaha Canada that the bolts didn't fit properly and stripped in the clip nut they supplied me, they in turn said that quite a bit of Jimmying had to be done to get it to fit properly and this was a temporary fix, I had no reply to that as I knew the problem was in the alignment of the welded on hinge brackets on the rear of the Rmax frame.
Presently I was just waiting to see If anyone else had the same problem then I came across your post ( If you hadn't driven it Return the Rmax and request a new machine).
I hope this helps !
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