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  1. Wolverine Ride Events & Get Togethers
    I'll update here for those that don't have/use FB https://fb.me/e/1zD9DGhAI Wolverines Black Hills Invasion is a go. Labor Day isn't going to work as we can't guarantee enough lodging. It's looking more like one of the last 2 weekends in September 2022. Mystic Hills Hideaway will allow early...
  2. Want to Buy
    It's a long shot, but since SuperATV tells me this model is not available anymore I'm hoping someone has a used one. It's the mount kit from this complete kit: https://www.superatv.com/yamaha-wolverine-plow-pro-snow-plow-complete-kit-1 I just need the mount kit, since the complete kit I have...
  3. X2/X4 General Discussion
    Hi there I had a couple of questions about the weller racing ecu flash. I have a 2019 wolverine x2 and i recently put 4 28x10x12 blackwater evos on it. I suppose i got ahead of myself and didnt really know anything about this flash that could compensate for power lost due to the biggar tires. So...
  4. Gen 1 Engine
    Hello all. I have searched high and low and need help with my 2016 Wolverine. I bought it used and it has been a nightmare. It's a great SxS when it runs, but has continuously let us down on the trails in Atlantic Canada. The 2 usual things have happened: 1) Radiator fan died and replaced 2)...
  5. X2/X4 General Discussion
    Figured we needed a general wheel & tire thread. Post pictures of your aftermarket wheels & tires. If your tires are larger than stock, maybe post some pictures of of the fender clearances. If your wheels have different back spacing, how much wider did it make your machine. If you've put some...
  6. Gen 1 General Discussion
    Says on the SuperATV site that the portal lift for the X2 will not work on the X4. For what reason do you think?
  7. Gen 1 General Discussion
    Wife and daughter have hard time shifting my 95 350 Wolverine. I don't have a problem. Does anyone have any suggestions? It is a fun machine and still runs great. I don't want an automatic!
  8. Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    Recently bought a 2006 wolverine 450, and the person i bought it from said the speedometer was only working sometimes because of the starter solenoid (you had to jump the solenoid with a wire for the bike to start) so i bought a new solenoid and the bike starts perfect but the speedometer...
  9. Wolverine Pictures / Videos
    Just making a thread to see some people testing new parts when they get them. Nothing specific.. it's just for fun :D Here's the hill climb test spot in my back yard :D Have it in 4wd low no diff lock and it's spinning all 4 really well. First time up front end was very light and could...
1-9 of 11 Results