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  1. RMAX2/RMAX4 General Discussion
    I was luck enough to pick up a metal bracket on a freshly grated road over the weekend. Is anyone interested in selling a Carnage 28x11x14 back tire for my 2021 Rmax4 LE? I'm hoping someone switched out their tires and has one taking up too much space in the garage.
  2. Wolverine Parts
    Would like to sell as a whole set. Located in northeast Ohio. Tires have 600 miles. There are no holes, slices, plugs or patches in tires. Rims have a few marks but are not trashed. Will not ship but will be at Windrock August 14-20 if you want to pickup there. $600
  3. Misc For Sale
    I have a full set of Wolverine X4 SE tires and wheels 2 (front)- 8"x26"/12 and 2 (rear)- 10"x26"/12. I will not need them, I just upgraded to a larger tire/wheel size. I live in New Mexico, but I'd be willing to meet someone at the pretty much anywhere in NM or close to our border. Asking $400...
1-3 of 3 Results