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tires & wheels for sale
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  1. Wolverine Parts
    Would like to sell as a whole set. Located in northeast Ohio. Tires have 600 miles. There are no holes, slices, plugs or patches in tires. Rims have a few marks but are not trashed. Will not ship but will be at Windrock August 14-20 if you want to pickup there. $600
  2. Misc For Sale
    I have a full set of Wolverine X4 SE tires and wheels 2 (front)- 8"x26"/12 and 2 (rear)- 10"x26"/12. I will not need them, I just upgraded to a larger tire/wheel size. I live in New Mexico, but I'd be willing to meet someone at the pretty much anywhere in NM or close to our border. Asking $400...
1-2 of 2 Results