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  1. X2/X4 General Discussion
    Anyone relocate their gauge cluster/hud to the steering wheel mimicking the RMAX? I remember reading that the RMAX screens take a different cable pinout. Are there any other noticable differences? I make 3D printed parts now and have been thinking about making something up to do this so I have a...
  2. X2/X4 General Discussion
    Fired up my 2021 x4 to gain access to some shelving in my garage and noticed the digital gauge was messed up. It worked fine when I put it away earlier. Now the speedometer will show a backwards 6 when it should be a 2 when going over 20mph+. Tried restarting the machine and it didn't go away...
  3. Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    Recently bought a 2006 wolverine 450, and the person i bought it from said the speedometer was only working sometimes because of the starter solenoid (you had to jump the solenoid with a wire for the bike to start) so i bought a new solenoid and the bike starts perfect but the speedometer...
1-3 of 3 Results