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  1. RMAX2/RMAX4 Builds
    I just got my RMax XTR the first of June. I'm trying to figure how how to light the curves in my SLOW curving trails through thick trees at night. I saw that seizmik has LED lit mirrors and would be curious on opinions for lit mirrors or lights for the sides. Seems like they would be nice...
  2. RMAX2/RMAX4 Purchasing
    I picked up a trailer that has fenders added on at 62", though the overall width is 7'. I know the RMAX4 specs say 64" with the stock tires. But what is the actual width at the front tires? I can cut the fenders off and move them out 2" on either side, but just wondering if I actually need to. I...
  3. RMAX2/RMAX4 General Discussion
    I have recently got a rmax 4 and do a lot of riding in hatch field McCoy and on personal private trails. I’d like to know what is the best tire you guys have tried or heard of for the mountain twisties (sharp jaded rocks, wet and dry shale, basically dirt ground with rocks, slippery roots, and...
  4. RMAX2/RMAX4 CVT, Drivetrain, & Transmission
    Hello all, I just can’t shake this clunking noise in my brand new rmax4 xtr. Attached is a Dropbox link to some videos of me putting around this morning(pay no attention to video just sound if possible) is this noise normal in the cvt drive of this machine or do I need to take it to a dealer...
  5. Introductions
    Hello all! My name is Angel and I just joined the forum. I'm hoping you all will help me finalize my decision on purchasing an RMax4. :D I live in Florida, but will be taking the side by side to Tennessee and riding in the mountains. To those of you that ride the RMax4 on mountain trails, how...
  6. RMAX2/RMAX4 Builds
    Just picked up the RMAX4 XTR 2 weeks ago. I can get it in my 7ft enclosed trailer if I have someone on the back to weigh it down but wondered if anyone has done a cage chop on theirs yet or knows anything about it? This is my first SxS so any knowledge is much appreciated!
1-6 of 6 Results