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  1. RMAX2/RMAX4 General Discussion
    Hello, First post but have been following for a while. Have a 2021 Rmax XTR. Swamped it yesterday in a mud hole. Primary clutch filled with mud. Would only run 13 mph. The inlet and outlet tubes for the clutch seem a little bit low. So I’m wondering if anyone has installed a snorkel kit yet...
  2. RMAX2/RMAX4 General Discussion
    Hey everyone I wanted to get on here and let you know that we now have the 2021 Rmax windshield available for order! We have been getting a lot of orders and we’re really excited about our new product! Go to alphawindshields.com to get your ordered today!
  3. Introductions
    New to the site but not to Yamaha. Had a 2005 Rhino 660 for years. Lifted 2” and had 30 Mega Mayham mudders on it. Sold it & just purchased my 2021 RMAX2 1000. Any advice is welcomed. What are the go to accessories that I should go for??
  4. RMAX2/RMAX4 General Discussion
    New to the forum. Having some difficulty finding a spare tire steel wheel for 2021 rmax2 1000 XT-R. No one has 2021 part numbers up yet, apparently. Don't want an OEM wheel. Stock tire is 30X10R14. Any help with specs, or a steel wheel make/part number would be greatly appreciated.