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  1. X2/X4 General Discussion
    Just a quick heads up to Canadian dudes ... At Canadian Tire, 19 litre pail of Shell Rotella T6 Synthetic 5W40 Diesel Oil is on sale today and tomorrow Feb 15-16 for $160. Thats $8.42 per litre. https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/rotella-t6-synthetic-5w40-diesel-oil-18-9-l-0287937p.html Also...
  2. RMAX2/RMAX4 General Discussion
    As I mentioned it is time for my first service. I thought there was a post that had a list of all of the things needed for the service. Can anyone help me in locating it?
  3. Gen 1 How To
    Hello, I am a new member, and a new owner of a 2019 Wolverine Yamaha X2 Spec. We were on vacation when I purchased the vehicle and we easily got the 20 hours on the vehicle while on vacation. When we returned I took it back to the dealer and for the oil change and service it was over $300...
  4. X2/X4 How To
    Hello all, Hi guys new to the fourm, and a new wolverine owner. I was able to get my 20 hours on the wolverine in one week because I was on vacation. I took it to the dealership for the first service and it was nearly $300. I have been able to research the Internet, and changing the front...
  5. X2/X4 How To
    O that dreaded break-in period every new machine has to go through. Luckily, I'm finally past that period with the X4. Now it's time to get the break-in service done so I can really put the machine through its paces. First up on the agenda, oil change!
1-5 of 5 Results