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  1. Racks for rear box?

    Gear & Accessories
    Hi I have a 2019 X2 and I use it in the bush. I find the dump box much smaller than my old Rhino. I’m hoping to find ideas to better utilize the box as I find it small, difficult to fasten items down. I’m unable to find any aftermarket racking. Anyone have any ideas for better utilization of the...
  2. Universal Relay Box Build

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    Wanted a clean solution to have 4 or 5 relays for lights and accessories. I also wanted an Always-On option instead of the Key-On factory plugs behind the firewall and an individual fuse for each. After doing some digging around I found these 2 items from Amazon: The box was $10 from...
  3. 19 X2 R-Spec SE Build up

    X2/X4 Builds
    Hello all. I see quite a few threads for builds so I will try to only cover stuff unique to mine. I am OCD when it comes to wiring :Eyecrazy: and tend to do more than necessary. 19Wherry did a great thread on his...
  4. Looking to mount RotoPax gas cans - let's see what you did?

    Gen 1 General Discussion
    Hey folks, new to the forum and am picking up my Wolverine R-Spec EPS today or tomorrow. I'm looking at mounting some Rotopax brackets on to carry either 3.5 or 4 gallon Roto cans - I don't see an option on the Yamaha stock accessory bars. What have you been doing to mount the brackets...
  5. Spare tire carrier

    Gear & Accessories
    Thought I would share my spare tire carrier that I just mounted on the Wolvy. This works if you have the OEM rear grab bar. I picked up a universal trailer spare tire carrier from Cabelas for $32, but they can be found at many hardware stores or trailer stores. The only modification that was...