Well, I bit the bullet and bought the Weller Racing Sway Bar Links. I was lucky enough to be in the Phoenix area and stopped by their shop, and actually got helped by Corry Weller. I figure that they did the work to figure out the sizing, and a few other little pieces, so I would buy their set-up to check out. And for what it is worth, it was pretty nice to be able to stop by their shop and get shown around a little. Nice people that are very down to earth.

I am also buying a set of Energy Suspension Polyurethane Bushings for the front sway bar, and will be looking at the rear once I install the stuff that I have.

For my riding style, I think having the sway bar in place and functioning smoothly is the answer. Then when I am in an area that would benefit from independent actuation, I could either unbolt 1 side, or make some type of quick connect.