X4 Review after 5 months and 550 miles
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X4 Review after 5 months and 550 miles

This is a discussion on X4 Review after 5 months and 550 miles within the Wolverine X2/X4 Purchasing forums, part of the Yamaha Wolverine X2 & X4 847cc SxS category; This forum has been very helpful. I have learned a lot from people like Massive Overkill. By way of thanks for the help, and what ...

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Thread: X4 Review after 5 months and 550 miles

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    X4 Review after 5 months and 550 miles

    This forum has been very helpful. I have learned a lot from people like Massive Overkill. By way of thanks for the help, and what it is worth, here ‘s our X4 review.

    We bought a new 2019 Yamaha Wolverine X4 in May from M&M Power Sports in Hancock, MI and put over 550 miles on it in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

    • The X4’s ability to climb and go through mud is amazing. We have never had to use the winch, and we have only found it necessary to lock the differential once.
    • We have had no trouble on narrow trails with tight turns. We often ride with friends with a Polaris Razor and another with a Can-Am. We have been able to go anywhere they go, and we can carry 2 extra people.
    • We rarely use the brakes on the trail because the engine braking is so good.
    • I have not been keeping a real close watch on our fuel usage, but we seemed to get around 20 MPG on long rides in 2WD with speeds ranging from 8 to 30 mpg. We try to only use Premium and we stabilize every tank. Most stations in our area sell ethanol-free Premium. Most people up here use ethanol-free Premium in all their small engines.
    • The fastest we have driven is just over 50 mph. At anything over 40 or so on a gravel road, the X4 sort of feels like the back end wants to swing around. On most of the trails we ride on, we rarely can go over 25 mph.
    • The X4 is quiet enough inside to have a conversation with the front seat passenger, and to be able to communicate with those in the back.
    • I am 6-4 and fit fine in the front seats. I even am okay in the rear seats as long as I carefully think about how to get in and out. Some people have trouble getting in and out of the rear seats. One of our friends, a woman who is average height and not overweight, had a heck of a time because she just could not figure out how to position herself for entry and exit.
    • We are very glad we bought the X4 instead of a 2-seater. We have taken family and friends for rides and they all enjoyed it. Well, my 92 year-old mother did complain about the back seat, but she complains about sitting in the back seat of a car. After seeing ours, one of our friends said they wished they had purchased a 4-seater. Many people think 4-seaters are huge and so are surprised by the X4.

    • We took the X4 to our dealer for the first service.
    • We have not had to add any oil or coolant.
    • When I wash the X4 I start with the outside since it’s nor possible to hose off the outside without getting the interior wet, even with all the doors zipped. Hosing the wheel wells always fills up the front floors, but the holes in the front floors work well. The paint has some scratches from branches, but has held up well. We keep the X4 in a garage when not in use. The interior is fairly easy to clean. There are a lot of nooks and crannies on the backs of the seats and under the rear seats, but that’s just the nature of these vehicles. I always empty the glove box before washing the interior since it is not sealed well, but the center console storage stays dry.

    • After only a few miles, two insulation panels adhered to the inside of the engine compartment came loose and dropped down. Fortunately they did not fall out of the machine completely. I was able to hold them in position with duck tape. Our dealer did provide us with new panels under warranty.
    • The top is secured to the front roll cage bar by 3 U-shaped brackets with flanges. There is a strip of rubber between the bracket and the roll cage bar. After about 400 miles, the screws holding the brackets in place loosened enough to allow the rubber strips to slip out of place. The resulting rattle was very loud, but it was not a big deal to retighten everything. The dealer indicated that was not uncommon. We now check bolts and screws periodically.
    • Sometimes the X4 does not shift out of 4-wheel drive. It eventually will shift, but if I take my foot off the gas and then accelerate, it shifts back to 2-wheel drive promptly.
    • On long rides my right leg gets stiff. We are thinking about getting a Throttle Maxx for next year.
    • We had one flat tire. Mine rock is heavily used on many of our trails. Mine rock has a lot of sharp points and edges. Our dealer repaired the flat at no charge.
    • Otherwise the X4 has been trouble free.

    What we would like to see improved:
    • Okay, this is really minor, but our Michigan Trail Stickers do not stick real well on the tailgate. It would be nice to have an area on the back designed for stickers. (Lots of people stick them on the roll cage, but the soft sides and back cover up our cage.)
    • I’d like to have a ratcheting gas cap like a car has, or one that sort of clicks into place–like the one on my Honda Snow blower; that is a brilliant design. The cap should also have a cord to prevent it from escaping into the dirt.

    • Yamaha folding windshield; this took several months to arrive. In the meantime, the dealer installed an after market windshield that swung up. While there are advantages to each design, we do prefer the Yamaha fold-down design. It fits tighter, and is easier for me to clean.
    • Yamaha soft sides and back; highly recommended. We have never had to drive with the front doors zipped closed. The rear window and rear doors keep out a lot of dust. Since Upper Michigan is rarely hot, cab heat has not been a problem–if it is we can open the windshield.
    • Warn Axon 35 Winch
    • Side mirrors that fold in easily.

    Upgrades we are considering:
    • Throttle Maxx
    • Larger tires when the stock ones are worn out
    • Spare Tire (We now carry a tire repair kit and small compressor.)
    • A horn

    Bottom Line: As University of Michigan grads, it does seem a little odd to have a red Wolverine, but we are extremely pleased with the vehicle!

    2019 X4
    • Yamaha folding windshield
    • Yamaha soft sides and back
    • Warn Axon 35 Winch
    • Side mirrors

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    Nice review! I had the roof bracket issue as well. Those rubber peices just fell out over and over. Here's what I did. Works and looks great.

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    18g HV Weights
    OEM Windshield
    OEM Rear Bumper With Reverse Lights Mod
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    Super ATV Tinted Rear Window
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    I agree with everything you said, love my X4 but I wish there was more room getting in and out in the front. Once inside there is plenty of room, but I am only 5’10”

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    I picked up a 19 X4 from Powersports #1 in Appleton in the end of November. UP dealers couldn't come close to their price. Have the glass windshield, roof, heater, storage box, warn 3000 winch, Synthetic rope, and a warn 72" plow (waiting on mount). Put a Stanley trickle charger on also, 15 bucks from Walmart. Have a grand total of 26 miles on it before the snow made everything unpassable (till next year, tracks ordered for fall delivery). Parts are starting to pile up for spring installation. Light bar and pods (gotta have lights up here), Switches for winch (want an option other than the remote thingy they give you), dome lights, lightbar, misc wiring components, JBS firewall shields. Ordering soon, rear glass window, blue led rock lights for interior lights. Finances permitting, hard sides and maybe a set of thicker ply tires after I wear the stock ones down a bit. Can't wait to get out this spring...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve991 View Post
    After only a few miles, two insulation panels adhered to the inside of the engine compartment came loose and dropped down. Fortunately they did not fall out of the machine completely. I was able to hold them in position with duck tape. Our dealer did provide us with new panels under warranty.
    I had the passenger side come off and like you said it did not fall out. Took the panel to the dealer and they said they would just glue it back on. I thought that was not really acceptable but they wouldn't budge. So I cleaned it up and degreased it and glued it back on with contact cement. Probably a better job than that service department could have done.

    I've been keeping an eye on the other side and it hasn't come off yet. It would seem they don't adequately remove any mold release or other contaminants from the plastic or their adhesive on the insulator panels isn't that good. I would hope they are using an automotive grade 3M VHB permanent acrylic adhesive but there is no way to tell.
    2019 Wolverine X4 SE in Tactical Black
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    Full Cab
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