Here are some pics for those not overly familiar with the wolvy x4. First what needs to be said is this. When it
comes to the x4 there is a trade off between passenger space and storage space. By choosing one you lose the
other. Of course this would be under a stock vehicle scenario as you could add storage space.

Here is the x4 with the rear seats folded and pushed forward to make more rear storage room:Name:  IMG_1973.JPG
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Size:  3.58 MB

With the rear seats forward you get around 25 inches in the bed:Name:  IMG_1975.JPG
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Size:  4.68 MB

With the rear seats removed you are up to almost 33 inches to where the rear passenger footwells drop off:Name:  IMG_1976.JPG
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Size:  4.74 MB

For those wondering what happens with the rear seat belt buckles, the wolvy has a stow away compartment for them:Name:  IMG_1977.jpg
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Size:  2.50 MB

With either the rear seats pushed up or removed you also gain a little storage space in the footwells:Name:  IMG_1979.jpg
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Size:  2.02 MB

Nothing is ever perfect, and neither is the wolvy. But its a great ride! Have fun and ride safe.